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As always, the information in this post is from one traveller to another. We aren't travel insurance agents. We have spent years abroad and have gotten to know the ins and outs of the industry, but if you have any travel insurance questions, please talk to a qualified travel insurance agent or broker. Finally, always consult your insurance policy since that is the legal document to which you are agreeing.

World Escapade is a Canadian company that offers online travel insurance for almost all nationalities worldwide. They’re part of APRIL International Canada, a life and health insurance firm, operating for 20 years.


World Escapade is unique in that it offers travel insurance for most nationalities to virtually any country and destination (with exceptions that include war zones, and countries/regions where travel is not recommended).

Because they’re based out of Canada, travel insurance policy coverage for Australians are offered as three different types of plans:

Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.
  • Worldwide coverage EXCLUDING Canada and the USA and high risk countries and territories
  • Worldwide coverage INCLUDING Canada and the USA but excluding high risk countries and territories
  • Canada only


  • You can extend your travel insurance policy online
  • Almost all nationalities are covered
  • We were quoted what we thought was an affordable ($24 USD) cost for a one week basic (medical only) policy
  • Coverage is only for those under age 64


  • The compreensive policy we were quoted was about 3X the cost of a basic policy
  • Prices are quoted in Unites States Dollars (USD)

How to Buy

You can get a quote and buy World Escapade insurance online.

Important! Prices are quoted in Unites States Dollars (USD)

Logo_World_Escapade_300-200Have some comments on World Escapade travel insurance for Australians? Just send us a note.

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