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As always, the information in this post is from one traveller to another. We aren't travel insurance agents. We have spent years abroad and have gotten to know the ins and outs of the industry, but if you have any travel insurance questions, please talk to a qualified travel insurance agent or broker. Finally, always consult your insurance policy since that is the legal document to which you are agreeing.
If you’re an Australian looking for gap insurance for a year abroad or just travelling for a few weeks, backpackers insurance can cover you for unexpected accidents and illnesses.

While most backpackers are young and in good health, becoming sick unexpectedly does happen (think appendicitis or an infection). Plus, backpackers often take a lot of risks, since driving mopeds, skydiving and bungee jumping are almost synonymous with planning a gap year. That means that unexpected injuries are common.

Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, heading to Fiji to sit on the beach or road-tripping the USA, there’s a backpacker travel insurance plan that’s just right for you.

We looked at over ten backpacker insurance plans, and here are the plans that stood out. We went to each company individually and got quotes, but make sure you check your own policy carefully, since policies and coverage can change without notice.

Backpacker Travel Insurance Reviews for Australians

We found prices and details for a healthy backpacker of 25, but prices don’t vary a lot until you hit around age 40.

Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.

World Nomads

World Nomads was the first company we checked. It’s probably the best known backpacker travel insurance company for Australians. World Nomads is mentioned in the Lonely Planet and National Geographic Adventure, and they specialize in the under 55 crowd and cover backpackers from 120 different countries.

You can read our review of Word Nomads here.

Price for six months of travel worldwide was $544.00 AUD for the Standard Package, and $767.00 AUD for the Explorer package. You can make a claim online and extend your trip after you leave.

Here’s what’s included in the Standard package:

  • $5 million overseas medical costs
  • $3,500 trip cancellation
  • Low risk adventure sports and activities like snorkelling, hot air ballooning, and, weirdly, fencing. You can buy additional coverage for higher risk sports and activities.

The Explorer package includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical costs
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • Low risk adventure sports and activities like snorkelling, hot air ballooning, and, weirdly, fencing. You can buy additional coverage for higher risk sports and activities.

You can add on extra cover for dangerous sports and activities, though note that some sports and activities are not covered under any plan, including running with the bulls, cliff diving, and flying as a passenger in a glider or ultralight.

If you’re bringing an expensive laptop, camera or other expensive item, you can add on additional insurance.

Tip! Check out our world nomads review for great tips on discount codes for backpacker travel insurance for Australians.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote from World Nomads online, or just use the form below to get a quote directly from World Nomads.

Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance Direct is one of Australia’s most popular travel insurance companies.

We got a quote for a six month policy for $717.90 AUD. You can extend the policy while you’re on the road (as long as it hasn’t expired), and even get travel insurance once you’ve left on your trip.

The quote included:

  • unlimited emergency medical insurance
  • unlimited medical evacuation
  •  $12,000 luggage and personal effects, with laptops, tablets & cameras are covered up to $4,000. You can add other valuable items as an option.
  • unlimited trip cancellation

You can get a quote from Travel Insurance Direct online.

Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Fast Cover Travel Insurance offers travel insurance for Australian backpackers. You can get a single trip policy for up to 12 months, and you can extend for another 12 months if you want.  You can also add on snow cover. Fast cover even offers multi trip cover, which is perfect for backpackers who return home occasionally, and which we haven’t seen often.  They also automatically cover 44 pre-existing medical conditions. For all quotes, some sports and activities were automatically covered, like camel riding and dog sledding.

Our quote was $379.90 for a medical-only quote, which offered:

  • unlimited emergency medical insurance
  • no cancellation insurance
  • no luggage and no rental vehicle excess cover

We we also were quoted $426.90 for a standard plan with Fast Cover, which offered:

  • unlimited emergency medical insurance
  • unlimited cancellation insurance
  • $5,000 luggage and no rental vehicle excess cover

There was also a $559.90 comprehensive plan, which offered

  • unlimited emergency medical insurance
  • unlimited cancellation insurance
  • $7,500 luggage, and other coverage

The comprehensive and standard plans (but not the medical only plan) offered an optional Sports Adventure pack coverage, which covers for sports like zip lining and cave tubing.

You can get a quote on the Fast Cover website or click on the graphic below to visit the Fast Cover website.

World Escapade

World Escapade (a part of April International, which is based in Canada) has travel insurance for backpackers around the world. You can read our World Escapade review here.

World Escapade offers two plans, a basic medical insurance plan for $644 USD ($880 AUD) or a comprehensive plan for a whopping $2,024 USD ($2,764 AUD when this was written).

Price for the six month basic medical single trip plan ($880 AUD) includes:

  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • no trip cancellation or baggage cover

Price for the six month all inclusive comprehensive plan ($2,764 AUD) includes:

  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • $2,000 USD trip cancellation and $2,000 per person baggage cover

1Cover Backpackers Insurance

1Cover Travel Insurance is one of Australia’s biggest and most competitive travel insurance companies. They’ve provided policies to over 1.5 million customers.

To find out more, check out our review of 1Cover.

1Cover offers two backpackers policies: the first is a basic travel medical insurance plan for $394.95 AUD and a comprehensive policy for $605.85 AUD.

You need to buy the 1Cover policy before you leave Australia, though they do offer a different Already Overseas Travel Insurance Policy if you’re already out of Australia.

Cost for the 1Cover Basics medical single trip plan: $394.95 AUD


  • unlimited overseas medical emergency insurance
  • zero trip cancellation
  • zero luggage cover
  • zero rental vehicle excess

Cost for the 1Cover Comprehensive plan: $605.85 AUD


  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $15,000 luggage and personal effects (including computer and camera)
  • $5,000 rental vehicle excess

How to get a quote with 1Cover Australia

You can get a backpacker’s insurance quote with 1Cover on their website.

Downunder Travel Insurance

Downunder Travel Insurance (DUinsure) has been insuring Australians since February 2000.  They have travel insurance policies for backpackers, students, and even specialized packages for an overseas experience in Canada.

Since DUinsure didn’t give us an option to choose Worldwide insurance, we had to choose between:

  • Region 0 – Domestic
  • Region 1 – South-West Pacific, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Bali, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island
  • Region 2 – Europe, United Kingdom, Africa, MiddleEast & Asia excluding Japan
  • Region 3 – USA, Hawaii, Canada, South America and Japan

We got quotes for both region 2, which includes Europe, but excludes the USA, and region 3, which includes the USA and Canada, but excludes Europe.

It cost less for backpacker travel insurance if you’re headed to Europe (Region 2), with plans ranging from $298.16 to $420.86 AUD. Visiting the USA and Canada (Region 3) cost more, with plans ranging from $444.99 to $603.50.

DUinsure gave us a choice of three backpacker travel insurance plans. The first was a medical insurance plan for $444.99 AUD, the second was a comprehensive plan for $582.78 AUD, and the third was Premier International
plan for $603.50 AUD.

Price for the Plan C – Backpackers International: $298.16 AUD Region 2 / $444.99 AUD Region 3


  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • $2,500 trip cancellation insurance
  • $2,000 luggage insurance

Price for the Plan A – Comprehensive International: $380.84 AUD Region 2 /$582.78 AUD Region 3


  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • 10,000 trip cancellation
  • $5,000 no luggage insurance

Price for the Plan A – Premier International:  $420.86 AUD Region 2 /$603.50 AUD Region 3


  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $7,500 luggage insurance

How to get a quote with DUInsure Australia

You can get a quote for Australian backpacker gap insurance directly on the DUinsure Australia website.

Check back occasionally! We keep adding more backpacker travel insurance reviews for Australian residents!

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