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As always, the information in this post is from one traveller to another. We aren't travel insurance agents. We have spent years abroad and have gotten to know the ins and outs of the industry, but if you have any travel insurance questions, please talk to a qualified travel insurance agent or broker. Finally, always consult your insurance policy since that is the legal document to which you are agreeing.

Whether you’re looking for student travel insurance for a short vacation, a gap year abroad, or even a volunteering adventure, there’s a policy that should cover your needs.

We’ve done the research, and come up with several companies that offer travel insurance for students.

Tip: If you’re looking at longer term travel or a gap year abroad, check out our backpacking travel insurance review.

Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance Direct offers cover for for Australian residents.

Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.

You can get a quote on the Travel Insurance Direct website, and check out our review of Travel Insurance Direct here.

Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Fast Cover Travel Insurance offers travel insurance for Australians on a working holiday visa, backpacking or simply students overseas.

You can get a quote on the Fast Cover website or by clicking on the image below.

1Cover Student Travel Insurance

1Cover Travel Insurance is one of Australia’s most well know travel insurance companies. You can check out our review of 1Cover here.

You can get a student insurance quote with 1Cover on their website.

Cover-More student travel insurance

Cover-More really seems to understand that noone wants to pay a fortune for travel insurance, especially students.

Their Premium plan starts at less than 59 cents per day. It’s popular with students, backpackers and people going on working holidays.

There’s even a 15 day money back guarantee, which is available when you cancel your policy within 15 working days of purchase and you haven’t made a claim or left on your journey.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads is probably the best known company for student travel insurance. They specialize in insurance for the under 55 crowd. You can check out our review of World Nomads here.

Tip! World Nomads is one of the only companies we’ve seen that will let you buy student travel insurance once you’ve left Australia (other than 1Cover). World Nomads also lets you claim and extend your policy online.

Check out our World Nomads review for great tips on discount codes for Australian students.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote from World Nomads online, or just use the form below to get a quote directly from World Nomads.

Other Companies

We’re working on getting more information on each company, but here’s a short list of other travel insurance providers to check for student travel insurance for Australians.

  • Student Flights Travel Insurance
  • InsureandGo
  • Columbus Direct
  • STA Travel
  • Worldcare
  • Southern Cross Travel Insurance
  • iTrek
  • Travel Insuranz
  • Duinsure
  • Go Insurance

Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully and visit the travel insurance company website or talk to your travel insurance agent for specific, up-to-date quotes and policy information.

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